My name is

Angel Mendez

& I'm a

Frontend Engineer

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Fulltstack Developer at Wetech

May 2018 - Present

I've worked in multiple Web and mobile application projects for IoT, wearables and 4.0 Industry. I've taken part of internationals teams in proyects with different scopes such as outside and inside location, contactless payments or event detection.

My day to day consist of:

  • Daily meet-up with my team to discuss the current status of the sprint and sharing ideas.
  • Developing of core functionalities of future products, both back-end and front-end.
  • Maintaining code of active products.
  • Mentoring my teanmates about front-end technologies in order to grow their skill set.
  • Biweekly technical calls with international partners representing my company.
Technology stack: Angular, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3 (scss, BEM), HTML5, Android, Java (Spring),
Aditional tools and knowledge: Git, Jenkins, Sonar.

Software Developer at Zelenza

February 2017 - April 2018

Tools development to perform heavy data process and calculations in different projects for Telefonica and Vodafone. Ocassionally I also developed desktop applications and small scripts.

The techonologies I used to accomplish my tasks were VBA, .Net and python.


Some of the projects are not deployed to a web server, therefore only the code will be accessible through GitHub.